How to tell when your spouse is lying.

I’ve got 30+ years of police and other related work.  I started in police work in 1979.  Some of my assignment were as a detective, crimes involving theft and property loss, crimes against persons, assault, rape and homicide.  I was also a program director for a nationally recognized domestic violence program for a Tribe in Oregon, investigating mostly crimes against women and children.  I was also a Deputy Criminal Prosecutor for the same Tribe in Oregon.  I reveal all of this to let you know that I’ve had a lot of training and experience in interviewing difficult people.

Lets talk about deception in your marriage or relationship.   What happens when you finally realize your significant other may be deceiving you?  Just think about it, everybody lies.  From tiny white lies, to big huge bald-faced lies. According to some studies, we lie on average about 13 times per week.  Some lies are just meant to be casual conversation such as that you’re okay when asked, even though you might be having a splitting headache.

From my perspective, when you suspect something wrong, start by regular and normal conversation.  Don’t jump right into an accusation.  This time should be used to get a baseline on the person’s normal relaxed conversation behavior. 

Words and the apparent lack of words mean things.   What I’m going to share with you, in the next few articles, is not to be used by you.  Again, what I’m going to share with you is not to be used by you.  Other, than a means to decide to consult with a professional private investigator. 

Once we’re done with is series of articles, you’ll learn enough to understand how to detect a lie.  You’ll learn enough become dangerous when interviewing.  To set up for the next installation of this article, think about what are some questions you generally ask your spouse or significant other? 

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