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Peak Investigations is dedicated to excellent customer service.  We highly recommend a contract.  Private Investigations are a form of a legal matter.  Having a contract makes sure that we all are on the same page, with the same expectations.  A contract for you to fill out and sign will be emailed to you.

We must know some basic information about you and your requested investigation.  Make sure you have the following information ready to provide.
The investigation profession is highly regulated.  I’m going to need to know your full name, date of birth and other identifiers.  Also, I’ll need the “target’s” full name and date of birth, or best possible guess of the age of the person, along with a previous known address.   If that’s not available, I’ll need as much information as possible to identify the person.

Here is a list to help prepare you and me.

  • Photo copy (or screen shot from your cell phone ) of your valid driver’s license or I.D card.
  • Full name and any identifiers of the subject of the investigation.  Anything that will help positively identify the subject.
  • Full description of your investigative needs.  Who, what, when, where, and why. 
  • Describe your “lawful need”  or “permissible purpose” for this information. 
  • Every case requires a budget, known as a “retainer”.  Be prepared to have a reasonable retainer ready and available.  If the suggested retainer is more than you may have imagined, just know that all time / expenses are documented in full and any remaining amount of the retainer will be refunded when appropriate.  Some services are flat rate regardless of the retainer submitted.  Ask me if you have questions.

  • I’ll send a payment link via email once we agree on a reasonable retainer.  Personal checks are not accepted.  If we meet in person, cash is also accepted. 

    If we are meeting in person, simply bring the items with you.  Every case has it’s own merit.  Let’s talk about how to meet your needs.

Scan and email all known documents, such as court documents and court awarded judgments  relating to your case to me at:  Glen@PeakInvestigations.US   Or bring them with you if we are meeting in person.

Once all necessary information and retainer is received, the investigation will begin.

Any questions, feel free to call me.  602-341-3703.  If I don’t happen to answer, leave a message!


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