What do Private Investigators Do?

This short article is on the definition of a private investigator and what does a Private Investigator do?   A private investigator as a person who is not a member of a police force, and licensed to do detective work.  Such as; investigation of suspected wrongdoing or searching for a missing person etc.  There’s a lot more that private investigators do in their role.

Private investigators are identified by a lot of different names depending on who you talk to. Regardless of how we’re described, at the very core of what we do is, we collect Information.  We document things correctly, suitable for use in court and then we provide what we collect to the client so they can make this educated decision based on whatever the evidence points to. 

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Private investigators are independently hired to gather information for attorneys, companies, individuals and insurance companies.   So what do private investigators do?  Serve papers, locate documents, interview potential witnesses, locate witnesses and other people, conduct surveillance.

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What other things can private investigators do for companies?  They can investigate employees in either criminal issues or rules and regulations.  They can set up covert cameras within businesses to see what’s going on.  They can follow employees involved in time theft.  They’ll ask you to do background checks for future employees.  Some restaurants and businesses hire us to be a secret shopper.  Others will hire us to specialize in “internal loss prevention”, which is generally employee theft.  Some companies hire us for security on special projects.   

What can a private investigator do for just regular individuals.   Sometimes when people just have nowhere else to turn to, they reach out to a private investigator.  Things such as re-examine a death investigation, divorce, infidelity, asset locates, surveillance, missing persons and child custody, This list can go on and on, simply call us and ask.  Divorce and infidelity are some of the most common cases. 

Just about anything we do for attorneys and insurance companies, we can do for private individuals.  Each is unique and has it’s own merit. 


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