Workplace Violence and Bullying

The hot topics of a healthy workplace environment are being confused by the variable definitions and parameters that bullying, another name for a form of workplace violence, are being addressed. There are many rules and regulations employers can apply stating expectations of employee conduct. Some are too broad, while the simplicity of others can be interpreted as violating sections of the National Labor Relations Act.

Other rules and regulations may be interpreted as unprofessional, inappropriate or downright crass, must be addressed by other than legal means. A recent article shows that office bullying plagues workers across all races, job levels, and educational attainment. The office may be the new playground for bullies. A significant amount of workers, nearly 1 in 5, reported they have felt bullied at work.

Many of these workers left their jobs because of it. Complaints are higher among certain minorities and workers with lower incomes the study found that management roles, those in secondary education, and other workforce segments are not immune to bullying. Bullying impacts workers of all backgrounds regardless of race, education, income and level of authority within an organization many of the workers who have experienced this don’t confront the bully or elect to not to report the incidence, which can prolong a negative work experience that leads to some to leave their jobs.

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Glen Dunsbergen, owner of Peak Investigations (AZDPS# 1662143) has nearly 30 years of investigations experience. He’s also been the program director of a nationally recognized domestic violence program and shelter. Especially areas of domestic violence, and other crimes such as homicide, harassment, and other assault.

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